About Us

The Relive WWII Weekend, is an immersive living history event that provides the public the ability to see what life was like for our troops in World War Two. The event draws reenactors from across the south, who bring WWII vintage tents, equipment, jeeps, firearms, and many more items to display. The public is able to see everything up close and fully functioning, providing an educational and interactive learning experience in a setting that books and museums cannot provide.

This event, although free of charge to the public, is a fundraiser for the local Veterans’ homes in Jackson and Reserve, LA. The money raised comes from advertising, sponsorships, and donations from the event attendees.

Our 2018 event kicks off on Friday, September 14, with a live 1940’s radio play at The Old City Hall presented by The Spotlight Theater Players. After the radio show a WWII themed movie will be shown.

On Saturday morning, September 15, the displays are open to the public. Full military encampments will provide the ability to view what life was like for a soldier in the theater of combat. There will be firing demonstrations and show battles, in addition to several other demonstrations throughout the day including  a boot camp obstacle course for the kids, interactive “Victory Garden” demonstrations, a scrap drive competition, and many more activities to demonstrate what life was like on the home front during WWII.
The event closes with a variety show modeled off of those shows that entertained our troops in the canteens of the 1940’s. Guests can hear the sounds of the big bands, Abbott & Costello comedy bits, and of course “cut a rug” on the dance floor.

It is with great pride that we honor all our World War Two veterans through this event. We hope you can join us this year to help keep their memories alive!